Airbnb Hosts Beware of Requirement to File a Tax Return!

airbnb tax return

  Airbnb has gained widespread worldwide media attention in the last few years due to the success of the service. Essentially the service provides an online platform which allows home owners to offer their homes/rooms up for rent for a specified time and price, to anyone seeking accommodation as long as they have a profile […]

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5 Reasons To Set Up A Business In Ireland

set up a business in ireland

Ireland is a favoured location for setting up a new business. What better proof of being a great location other than the biggest and most successful companies in the world setting up operations in Ireland? Microsoft, Pfizer, Abbott, Intel, Google, Facebook and many more organisations have significantly invested in their Irish operations making Ireland the […]

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Have you heard about the SURE tax refund?

There are nice start-ups in Ireland, but not enough of them. That’s why a new scheme has been launched to boost the number of start-ups in Ireland and ultimately, the number of jobs created. The SURE (Start Up Refunds for Entrepreneurs) tax refund allows entrepreneurs to claim back up to 41% of their investment in […]

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2017 Graduates, have you considered obtaining an ACA qualification?

Have you recently graduated and would like to pursue a career in accountancy and audit? Becoming a chartered accountant means being recognised as being a specialist and working at the highest levels within the industry. What is the ACA qualification? The ACA qualification is perfect for ambitious and talented individuals who want to excel and […]

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Solicitors Accounts Regulations 2014: Amendments

On November 7th, 2013 the Council of the Law Society approved the Solicitors Accounts Regulations which came into force on 1 December 2014. Prior to the 2014 Regulations, the following five statutory instruments relating to solicitors’ accounting records were set out: Solicitors Accounts Regulations 2001 Solicitors (Interest on Client’s Moneys) Regulations 2004 Solicitor Accounts (Amendment) […]

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Modern Business Way: Outsourced Payroll Services

Companies in Ireland look to save time and money and effectively manage their flow of operations that ensure them proper business continuity. One of the key practices undertaken by modern businesses is outsourcing their payroll to expert accountancy firms. Payroll outsourcing is commonly described as the practice of contracting third-party accountancy firms to handle all […]

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