Application to District Court to seek extension of time to file an Annual Return

This is a procedure under the Companies Act 2014 for companies who have missed or who know they may miss their filing deadline with the CRO for filing their annual return and financial statements on time. It is only available to companies who are currently on the CRO index, and is not available to struck off or dissolved companies.

It avoids the requirement to pay late filing penalty fees and also avoids the loss of audit exemption.

An application is made to the local District Court where the company’s registered office is based seeking an Order extending the time to file the annual return and financial statements.

If the Court Order is granted, the company must file that Order in the CRO within 28 days of the granting of the Order, and then file the annual return and financial statements within the extended time granted by the District Court.

Costs v. Advantages


  • Legal Fees


  • Avoids late filing fees to CRO
  • Retains audit exemption and avoids extra costs of an audit for two years
  • The advantages are even greater when group companies are involved

A company cannot represent itself in Court, as it must be legally represented by either a Solicitor or Barrister. We can help you obtain the necessary legal representation if this procedure is something that is of interest to you.

If you would like to find out more about how the legislation is likely to affect your company, Noel Brady or Ciara O’Luanaigh would be happy to discuss any aspect of the new legislation with you.


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