10 Ways To Make Sure Employers Pass The NERA Inspection


NERA is the National Employment Rights Authority body in Ireland and their objective is to make sure employees are paid regularly and are working fairly. Employers in Ireland must be compliant with the employment law and pass the NERA inspection process. Here are 10 ways to make sure you pass the NERA inspection.

  1. You must have your employer’s registration number with the Revenue Commissioners.
  2. A list of all your employees must be provided
  3. Employers must keep a record of their employees’ PPS numbers, addresses and date of birth.
  4. Employers must have the dates of commencement of employment for all employees.
  5. Employees must be given a written statement of terms and conditions of employment.
  6. Employers have to have their employees’ job classification.
  7. A record of hours worked must be kept for all employees as well as a record of their annual leave and public holidays taken.
  8. Employees must be given a payslip.
  9. All employees under 18 years of age must be recorded or registered.
  10. Employers must have employment permits where applicable.

What happens if you are non-compliant? In minor cases of non-compliance, the employer is asked to rectify the cases and file will be closed upon rectification. However, if wages haven’t been paid accordingly, the NERA inspectors will investigate the cases and will ask the employer to pay the unpaid wages. Against serious non-compliance legal sanctions will be invoked.

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