Payroll Services and HR Solutions

Ormsby & Rhodes

Many Companies find the red tape involved in dealing with their payroll to be a very time-consuming exercise.


Our specialist payroll department is designed to take the pressure from the company and to act as that company’s payroll department. We are not a traditional payroll bureau but seek to provide a more flexible payroll service to selected clients.

Clients can range from companies with a payroll of two or three employees to several hundred employees. We can provide weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly and monthly payroll services.

We can provide calculations and reports including Gross to Nett, payments, deductions, cost analysis and payslips via secure email. We can arrange for payment by way of cash, cheque and bank transfer, both electronic and manual.

In many companies, it is seen as desirable that the senior executive’s payroll is outsourced to a payroll bureau rather than being processed by internal payroll departments. In many cases, this is the service that we provide by liaising solely with the chief executive or chief financial officer.

Payroll Services Provided

Our experienced payroll team provides a comprehensive and efficient service to an extensive range of clients varying in size from a sole trader to multinationals. We provide a flexible and tailored payroll service to suit each client.

Our confidential payroll service includes:

  • Paye Modernisation, ensuring you remain compliant with revenue requirements.
  • Ensuring returns are made on time to avoid penalties.
  • Weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly and quarterly processing frequencies.
  • Processing payments e.g. salaries, bonuses & BIK’s.
  • Processing voluntary deductions.
  • Processing pension and AVC deductions.
  • Provision of gross to net report.
  • Provision of detailed pay elements reports.
  • Provision of detailed deduction reports.
  • Electronic fund transfer to employee’s bank accounts.
  • Provision of secured emailed payslips.
  • Submission of payments for PAYE/PRSI, pension, health subscriptions etc
  • Calculation of statutory redundancy and termination payments.
  • Completion of CSO Returns.