Corporate Services

Ormsby & Rhodes

As most people are aware, The Companies Registration Office (CRO) is more pro-active in ensuring that all company secretarial matters are up to date.


There is an obligation on companies to make their Annual Returns on time and if this is not done, late filing fees apply. Non-filing of Annual Returns can result in prosecution of the directors and/or strike off for the company, leaving the directors open to personal liability without the benefit of limited liability if they continue trading.

We can help your firm comply with your statutory obligations imposed under the Companies Acts. A key obligation is the filing of the Annual Return with the CRO. This is deadline driven, and we can monitor your Annual Return Date (ARD) with the CRO so that you are informed in advance of your upcoming reporting requirements.

We can also help you with the following additional services:

  • Advice on co-ordinating accounts year ends to comply with Annual Return Date as set down by the CRO, and filing your annual returns and accounts with the CRO together with any other CRO submissions as required
  • Voluntary strike offs when companies are no longer required
  • Company restorations after involuntary strike off by the CRO within a 12 month period of dissolution. If over 12 months an application must be made to the High Court which we can assist you with
  • Registration of Limited Companies/ Registration of Foreign Branches in Ireland/ Registration of Business Names/ Conversion of private limited companies to unlimited and vice versa/ Company searches
  • Provision of Registered Office facilities
  • Advice on whether your company qualifies for audit exemption
  • Submission of Stamp Duty returns on ROS in respect of share transfers
  • Advice on the maintenance of all statutory records
  • Company health check
  • Beneficial Ownership